About us

We don't focus on a single market, type of project or technique. Instead, we like to focus on making life as easy as possible for our users. The input of our clients is crucial when defining and developing the project. After the concept of the project is established, we use an interactive functional design (prototype) and a solid technical foundation to build a fitting, custom solution. We like to group our projects into three types:
Aptic Straight, Intelligent and Freely.

Icon for Straight projects


Has the structure for your project already been worked out into detail? Have you clearly defined your wishes? Usually, what you really need becomes truly clear during the development. Thats why, even with our 'straight' projects, we work with an interactive functional design, which serves as the blueprint for the project. Often, we can deliver an initial test of your project within a month!

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At Aptic, we like to be challenged and are not afraid to tackle complex systems in need of a touch-friendly upgrade. These projects, along with new projects with a lot of complexity are housed under the label of 'intelligent'. We analyse the main issues within these projects thouroughly, discuss any uncertainties and translate it to a prototype and technical design. These complex projects typically cover a longer period of time, which make them very suitable for a Scrum approach, in which we develop the project iteratively after creating a deep technical foundation.

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Freedom is a core concept for us. Here at Aptic, 'work' is so much more than just building a project. For us, it also incorporates personal growth, fun and a contribution to society. Projects we categorise as 'freely' often start as creative ideas from a client, a team member or a friend. If it speaks to us, we will work out the idea into a real project. Sometimes, funding for these projects happens through a personal investment. So, do you have a million dollar idea, but is it still missing a professional review? Contact us and (non-bindingly) tell us about your concept. We are prepared to sign an NDA. When the idea speaks to us, we'd love to help you further!